Airbourne museums in Normandy

72 years ago as I write the largest  airborne force in history was getting ready for J-day (or night). The plan was to secure the flanks of the invasion beaches while seizing and holding key objectives. The troops of the American and British airborne, were a  highly trained and aggressive elite well suited to the task. In both the American and British sectors the Germans had flooded the countryside and had moved their own elite formations, 21st Panzer and 6th Fallschirmjager into the respective areas. Around Carentan This caused concern among the allies that the planned invasion may well have been compromised, however the Germans were as it turned out wrong footed by the invasion, This coupled with the skill and determination of the attacking forces meant that on both flanks the objectives were met and the beach assaults secured. The events of the 5th and 6th of June 1944 are well enough covered in many books for all three armies, from the German side “Lions of Carentan” and “Panzer Commander” give vivid insight into the chaos , ferocity and confusion of the fighting while the Allied view of events in recounted in multiple books, and the HBO TV series “Band of Brothers” (which makes it all look rather easy). The modern visitor will be rewarded with excellent museums and a range of historical sites all within fairly easy walking or driving distance. Normandy was, and still is, a fairly poor area of France but even though the coastal areas … read more....

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