The Morality of Meat

  It’s meat free Monday at my child’s school. The school menu was designed (at great expense) by a company that has designed a very health conscious menu. To be fair the menu if usually good. She usually has the choice of two pasta dishes and has recently started to ask for me to send her in with a packed lunch on this day. Vegetarians usually present their argument along two main lines; Health and Morality. It is well beyond the scope of this article to deal with the wealth of information which essentially de-bunks the vegetarian health claims. The studies and books disintegrate on even mild inspection while the rapid deficiencies that come from a vegetarian diet are established biological fact. Most worryingly is the “brain shrinkage” associate with vegetarians and vegan diets especially in the context of a diet fed to a child.While the individual may exist on a carefully selected vegetarian diet it is an unusual person who does so successfully, long term. I will assume dear reader that you would like to do more than just exist. Would you like perhaps to live? Thrive? Now for an argument you won’t often hear: I eat and fed my children meat out of a deeply held moral conviction. Omnivory is a position I have reasoned myself into. A visceral and experiential examination of what it means to consume other lifeforms. The standard “ethical vegetarianism”is not a moral position it is a puritanical position. It requires no great effort … read more....

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