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I have just finished listening to this excellent podcast, Neil White gave some excellent advice on writing blog posts. He said that he always ends with a piece of actionable advice.

With that in mind let me add a postscript to my last post.

Overweight Children:

If you have overweight children, I certainly hope you don’t think they are wonderful the way they are, and that you want to help them increase their physical and mental health and improve their life chances. The good news is that humans are supposed to be lean and strong and that changes you make now should stick, they will respond quickly to any changes you make. The bad news is that if you don’t make changes your child is unlikely to lose the weight. Their mental health and behaviour will also improve

Own it, they’re your kids, their weight is yours, a product of you life and your decisions.

1: Base meals around protein, red meat is great, fish and chicken also good. Eggs.

2: Oats are you friend, avoid wheat no cakes or pastries.

3: Minimise all sugar check ingredients thoroughly even on “healthy products”

4: No fizzy drinks at all

5: No juice or squash.

Low carb has good results, meat is your friend. You are a predator, eat like one.

Most of body composition is related to diet but get out and walk, play sports. Energy levels will increase naturally don’t push this it will just start to happen.

We’re born to be strong, lean healthy and happy. This is not some unobtainable ideal but the base level of human existence. It’s your inheritance,it’s yours go get it.


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